Travel like a rockstar, pay like a pauper

Suppose I could GUARANTEE that whatever you may pay for my products, you would EASILY get more than your money back whenever you travel next?

Hi I'm Shaun,

I often #travelbetter (easier - cheaper - blingier) than most people and #youcandoittoo

I've been travelling since I was 3, to wild & wonderful places such as Belize, Qatar, Moscow, Falkland Islands, Yemen, Bangladesh, Kenya, Curacao, Ukraine, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and over 70 other countries.

Along the way, I've travelled like a rockstar, experiencing things many people only dream of, such :-

* Flying in the Etihad A380 First Class Apartment (for free)
* 'Travel Hacked' points and miles from airline/hotel loyalty programs into free Business Class flights and nights
* Fast-tracked or bypassed Elite Status in hotels to avail of benefits like Club Lounges, late checkouts, suite upgrades, free premium internet etc.
* Been upgraded to a $10,000+ Presidential Suite in Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah (for nothing)

Trust me, the 'travel blingier' list just goes on - and on!

Along the way, I've learned all sorts of travel hacks and tips that are 'battle-tested' in such places as:-

* Living ‘rough’ for months in the Aberdare National Park, Kenya
* Travelling across the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia for 6 weeks
* Living on the top of the second highest mountain in the Falklands Islands for over 2 months

There's absolutely no reason at all why anyone can't do the things I've done - or better!

So, what will I show you in this course?

First of all, I'm confident that anyone - whatever their background, situation or life/travel goals are - can benefit by what I can teach in this course.

Secondly, I aim to offer a wide-ranging syllabus of information that can help anyone, such as:-

* finding the cheapest hotel rates
* the best ways to get upgraded in hotels and on airplanes
* how to maximise loyalty programs for free travel - flights, hotel nights etc.
* how to get treated like a Rockstar in hotels
* how to develop a blog and social media to earn free travel and promotions
* how to pay a fraction of the cost for flights than everyone else does
* how to save money whilst on the road
* learn the best compilation of travel hacks you're likely to find anywhere online
* learn how frequent flyers, road warriors and heavy business travellers game the system to travel easier
* learn why "everything's negotiable" with travel, and how to leverage knowledge into blingier travel experiences*
* what the best travel gear is to use on the road, or in the air, to make your life easier
* how to avoid staying in hotels when travelling, by staying in people's houses FOR FREE (and on your own too!)
* make packing pleasurable - what to pack, how to pack, and how to hack packing to be a joyful experience rather than a chore
* what travel gadgets I use (e.g. the one thing you should have to breeze through security every time and leave everyone jealous)
* learn how to 'beat the system' when travelling by using finding the glitches

(and so much more)

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I can offer you a GUARANTEE.

Whatever you know, whatever you wish to do in terms of travel, or maybe even if you don't believe half of my claims, I'm willing to wager you that you will be satisfied - or I will give you your money back.

You literally cannot lose.

So why are you still reading this, rather than taking steps to learning how to Travel Like a Rockstar?

About Me

I am the Founder of Eat Drink Stay Dubai, the popular blog for travelling better (easier, cheaper, blingier) in Dubai and beyond. 

I've been called "a walking Trip Advisor" and "the Huggy Bear of Dubai”. 

I aim to help people learn about #travelhacking loyalty programs & points/miles into #luxurytravel.

Rockstar Hotel Hacking

Are you paying too much for your hotels? Are you tired of being in an average room, when you could be in the suite you deserve? Are you looking to learn all the insider secrets about hotels, such as :- How to negotiate the lowest-ever prices?  How to find out when (and where) the price drops so you can rebook cheaper? How to be treated like a Rockstar during your stay (e.g. upgrades, late checkouts, freebies, lounge access etc.)? How to stay in hotels at a price so low, it's not available to the public? How to snag a five-star hotel for the price of three-star? How you can name the price you want to pay for a hotel? How to discover the cheapest nights to stay? How to eat for free in hotels? How to bag free nights in hotels worldwide? How to earn loyalty points/miles AND still get rates lower than rack rate or Online Travel Agents (Expedia,, Trivago etc.)? How to beat the prices the travel agents offer? This exclusive, never-before-published online course includes all of the above, more and EVERYTHING you need to know, including :- Individual online lessons, videos and notes for EVERY strategy I use Screencasts to show how to use all websites and apps Playbooks to show you walkthroughs of every tactic Your own (downloadable) copy of Hotel Hackers Handbook - all the links, charts, checklists etc. Coming soon in Feb 2018 Sign up today for updates, promos and insider-only content ;-)
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